David Bernardo

David Bernardo

Is it time to break Facebook?

The Catholic Church is the most successful institution in human history. In 2000 years, it had more than 1200 million faithfuls (customers). Google within 20 years has 2000 million customers and Facebook has 2300. These companies underneath their geeky and…

Poor Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg went from child prodigy to villain in a matter of days. Facebook is not the child’s play it seemed after all. In recent weeks there have been reports of several companies that have managed to collect large amounts…

Amazon strikes $1 trillion market cap, 4 weeks after Apple did the same

The e-commerce behemoth jumped above a trillion dollar market cap on Tuesday during intraday trading. Its share price hit an all-time high of $ 2,050.27 earlier this morning bringing its value above the massive, yet meaningless, milestone. The share price is bouncing around and is currently sitting below that number but the share price will inevitably rest above the number soon enough.