Express Article – The Mexican Stepping Stone to Europe

Two Portuguese created a digital consulting firm in Mexico in 2013 and now intend to replicate the model in Portugal and the rest of Europe.

LITS eBusiness currently has the website ‘in the works’ A statement in English only can be read: “We were not liking the previous website David had made when we started the company, so we decided to transform ourselves. Our website will be active in the next few weeks.”

LITS eBusiness’ web presence may be momentarily static, but the truth is that this digital transformation specialist company, founded in 2013 in Mexico City by Portuguese David Bernardo and João Alves da Silva, has not stopped growing in its four years of existence.

In 2016, LITS eBusiness had revenues of over €7 million and employed 75 people; this year it expects to exceed €10 million and reach 100 employees. LITS has been profitable from day one, so we have never needed any outside investment,” says David Bernardo, managing partner of the company.

This success is largely due to the fact that the company has won a portfolio of clients in Mexico that includes large multinationals such as Amazon and Walmart. Regional expansion followed, with the opening in 2016 of offices in Lisbon and Miami (with the aim of covering the North and South American markets).

From the Portuguese capital, where it has five people on permanent staff, LITS eBusiness has already won some business (for example, in Turismo de Portugal), but the idea is to accelerate growth in the Portuguese market and enter other European countries. “In some projects for Portuguese clients we use the team from Mexico. This way we optimize our brain power, which is so hard to find in this sector, and we end up being more competitive in terms of prices, considering the recent devaluation of the Mexican peso,” says David Bernardo, who currently lives in Mexico, but makes regular visits to Portugal to give classes at the New University of Lisbon and to closely monitor the expansion of the Portuguese office.

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