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Technology is no longer a separate tool from the everyday life of society, it has penetrated almost every area, which raises several very specific issues and problems. The DLD conference in New York was again the venue for discussions about what the present and future hold.

If there is one thing that has been positive about all the privacy scandals (Facebook), it is the awakening of society to the impact and consequences of technology on people’s daily lives. We are finally starting to understand the value and power of data (the new gold). We think that the Indians, when the conquistadors arrived with mirrors and beads, were foolish to trade them for gold? The truth is that we have taken the last few decades to do the same. In exchange for places to post pictures (Instagram), or exchanging messages (WhatsApp), and other things that “shine”, we hand over our data. There are some companies (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Alphabet, Apple, etc.) that are at the forefront of collecting, processing, and using this data. With the power and size they have, they are putting at risk the survival of many industries, some of which have not even realized it yet. Those who can’t adapt will die, that’s normal, and many have already passed the point of survival. They have already died, they just haven’t been warned yet. The others have to put their batteries on. Scott Galloway gave an excellent presentation on the subject.

The impacts don’t end there, quantum computers have also been on the agenda.

With a capacity that can surpass today’s computers in an exponential way, the potential of these machines is fantastic and can solve problems that we considered impossible. When you couple them with another of the much talked about threats, cybersecurity, all this processing power can render many of our current security systems useless.

But not everything is scary (in fact, let’s be positive that most of it is not). Architecture, mobility, and health are making great strides as well. Such is the case with The Shed building on New York’s highline, a performance hall that adjusts itself according to the type of event and climate. Health also presented some of the most impactful solutions, especially with ways to identify brain tumors with light, and personalized treatments according to the person’s DNA.

While crypto currencies continue to be criticized and praised enthusiastically, the technology behind it, blockchain, continues to be touted as revolutionary. Its practical applications, however, remain rather limited.

The conference ended on a high note with sexologist Esther Perel talking about the future of relationships. The roles of men and women are being changed and there is a contradiction between the format that is expected from relationships and the life we lead. On the other hand, we have never been so connected, and the problems of loneliness have never been greater. Something that is reflected in a rising suicide rate, brought into focus recently with Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and Avicii.

DLD New York has again put into perspective not only the innovations, which always excite us and make reality seem like a science fiction movie, but their integration into society as a whole. Fear or enthusiasm is of little use. One must understand and prepare as well as possible. For better or for worse.

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David Bernardo
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