We’ve all seen beautiful powerpoints about how companies should transform, and amazing videos about the future. Still very few companies are able to execute on such ideas. Why?

The key technology to transform companies is over 200 thousand years old… PEOPLE!

Early in the game we’ve realized that there is no transformation (digital or any kind) without people that know what they are doing.

So we started LITS Human Growth, the company that prepares people for the current and future challenges of business and technology and matches them with the right companies. 

We do it through our 2 areas Academy & Executive Search. 



Academy that promotes the transformation of people with a strong focus on digital capabilities. Our courses go from Ecommerce, Digital marketing, Blockchain. Currently we have over 700 alumni working for some of the most successful companies in the world (Amazon, Walmart, L’Oreal, Mercado Libre, etc).


Ongoing programs

  • Ecommerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Online payment optimization
  • Digital operations
  • Legal aspects of digital operations and ecommerce

Coaching with horses

Psycho-emotional therapy assisted by horses, accompanied by specialized professionals

Taylor made courses

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Executive Search

Executive Search area validated with proven success stories in different industries and for different clients. We find the ideal talent for your company.

Our services

  • Executive search
  • Head hunting
  • Retention and compensation policies
  • Employee evaluations

Digital transformation starts by two key steps

  • Awareness of what this is all about
  • And after that creating a vision

Why did we start?

We started because we couldn’t find good people to manage our ecommerce and digital businesses. There were very few people in the market and the ones we found were overpriced. So we created our school, ebusiness academy, to educate the type of professionals we wanted to hire. 

At the same time our clients were having a hard time hiring people for their “digital areas”. Often they couldn’t find the right candidates and wouldn’t have the expertise to find them, therefore they would ask us to help them on the process. So we expanded our internal team that recruited for us to provide executive search for our clients.

In the end we are providing the same services we use for ourselves. That’s the best quality assurance we can have.