Trends that should leave Portuguese business owners sleepless in 2016

The latest James Bond movie, Spectre, has something very curious. If before the villains had atomic bombs, today’s villains will conquer the world thanks to their computer skills and how they control data. If art imitates real life, in the Paris attacks

Last month we followed a #39 declaration of war by the hacker group Anonymous on ISIS in which they shut down several Twitter accounts associated with the group (used by ISIS to communicate). Digital in its various forms is causing major transformations in the way we live and is still being ignored by many CEOs.

Think of business models like cabs or hotels that thought they were untouchable suddenly Uber and Airbnb appear. In a global economy it is increasingly likely that some digital competitor who can do the same to you will come along.

There are several issues that should be keeping Portuguese businessmen awake but many still don’t even know they exist.

In this budget season for 2016, here are some ideas:

Data is king

Information is more valuable than ever. The ability to create models that predict customer behavior is already within the reach of many companies.

The new challenge is how to capture the data, how to handle it, and how to make decisions as quickly and dynamically as possible based on the information.

Cyber security

If data is king and will represent part of your company’s value. Consider it as money! Do you leave your office door open at night with all your money on your desk?

If your answer is no, then why don’t you take any protective measures for your data?


In this case, it is already old news, but apparently many have not woken up yet. Retail is being changed dramatically worldwide. If you don’t get into 2016 it may be too late for your company, in the time it will take you to learn to operate this channel your competitors may have already overtaken you.

Internet of things: You produce physical products and think that this digital is fortunately not for your company? Get lost! The Internet of things will completely change the way companies produce products. It is no longer just the physical product. Now you must worry about the software of the product, with the apps and the connectivity and the ecosystem you are in.

There are a few more issues that are going to be on the agenda. But if you will be ahead of many companies.

We’ve seen these themes in this column throughout the year. If they are not yet read them again and try to understand how they fit your company. adapt to your company.

Take advantage of 2016 to change, because putting your head in the sand like an ostrich is no longer a viable strategy.  He who warns his friend is.

David Bernardo
David Bernardo
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