David Bernardo Santo

David Bernardo Santo is considered by Forbes USA magazine as one of the top experts in ecommerce and digital strategy in Latin America and by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the top 10 innovators in Mexico, David has twice won the “40 under 40” award in Portugal. He is CEO and founder of LITS Adventures, a leading company in the development and implementation of transformation strategies (with a strong focus on digital). In his latest venture, Catrina, David, and his team are re-thinking the funeral industry and death experience around the world. He is also an advisor and has worked with various companies such as Amazon, New York Life, Scotia Bank, Liverpool, Beiersdorf, Baier, Dismac, Flexi, Steren, Sony Music, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Weber Grills, Lisbon tourism council, Walmart and L’Oréal among others.

Learn more about some of David’s projects: 

LITS X Podcast – Started as project together with his students at Nova SBE, the podcast that is going into its 3rd season discusses the most relevant present and future issues of society. Topics are as broad as Strategy and technology, future of retail, mental health, bio hacking, genetics, psychedelics and many more. It’s a long format podcast where David and student interview the guests and learn in a fun and relaxed environment.   Listen on Spotify

Catrina – Catrina.co is changing the way people deal with death in society and re-thinking the funeral industry. In short, it’s a one stop shop for all the death related needs that the person or the family might have. By bringing together technology and empathy, Catrina supports the people in an emotional, legal, financial and operational way. The company was incubated and funded by LITS in México City and is now present in Latin America and growing fast internationally. Check out Catrina’s website.

After Life Ventures – is a venture capital fund and incubator of death-related companies with positive impact on society (triple impact investment). www.afterlifeventures.com

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